Salus Albir is one of the most renowned medical centres for primary attention and Family medicine within the European residents of the Marina Baixa. Its international team of doctors and nurses and its location, in the centre of Albir, has converted it into one of the health centres of reference for Norwegians, Russians, Germans and English, as well as Swiss, French and patients of other nationalities.

Since its opening, in 2004, it was created as a medical centre with a vocation for service. Following the mission and the values of the health company which it belongs to, Hospital Clínica Benidorm. In Salus Albir we practice the humane side of medicine and our principal purpose: to make our patients feel like they were in their own country.

The structure of interpreters and international staff of the Hospital Clínica Benidorm is continued in Salus Albir on a smaller scale, achieving a family atmosphere between the patient and the medical and nursing staff.

Salus offers a differential advantage against the other medical centres in the area: the medical services can be offered in accordance with the nationality and language of each patient. The centre offers medical professionals of different nationalities who can attend to patients in various languages. They also have international nurses and reception staff.

Salus Albir grows every day offering new and more complete services to be able to attend to the demands of the patients. A centre which started as a point of primary attention and Family medicine, now offer among its services different specialties which avoid their patients having to transfer miles to hospitals in other towns.

Definitively, Salus Albir aims to give quality medical assistance adapted to different needs of each nationality through the close doctor-patient relations and in the language of each patient.