The team of podiatrists specialised in the surgery of the foot formed by Rubén Lorca and Luis Miguel Martí work to resolve the more common problems as well as the more troublesome ones of the feet. They carry out their principle surgical activity in Hospital Clínica Benidorm but they have habilitated a consultation in Salus Albir to facilitate the treatments to their patients.

The professional team of the “Surgery of the foot. Martí and Lorca” are different from other podiatrists in their specialty of minimally invasive foot surgery, as they embark on a combination of surgical techniques which offer great results with small incisions through the skin.

The principal advantages of the minimally invasive surgery of the feet carried out by Rubén Lorca and Luis Miguel Martí are:

  • The minimal damage caused to the structures such as the skin, muscle, ligaments and tendons provide a quick and PAINFREE recuperation.
  • Only local anaesthesia is used, allowing the patient to RETURN HOME ON FOOT, without the aid of crutches or walking sticks.
  • These techniques allow us to give the patients a DEFINITIVE SOLUTION; both aesthetically and pathologically.