The service is made up of medical professionals dedicated to the primary care or better known as family medicine. They are the first professionals to see the patient, for this reason their treatment is very direct and personalised.

Within the consultation they can attend to infinitive pathologies which are neither serious nor urgent: from the common cold, the dispatch of medical prescriptions, to the monitoring of chronic illnesses or the detection of the first symptoms of any pathology.

But the main objective of the team of General Medicine in Salus Albir is the preventative health care and the precocious detection of serious pathologies.

The team of General Medicine in Salus Albir is made up of various medical professionals of different nationalities. All of them attend to any patient who needs them, as well as, and especially, the patients who speak the same language.

The team of General Medicine is formed by:

  • Dra. Anne Stensholt
  • Dra. Anastasia Zorina
  • Dra. Tanya Álvarez